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at home workout

10 Best At Home Workouts

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10 Best At Home Workouts

No need to spend hours at the gym to have a firm and toned figure. Here is a selection of 10 best at home workouts that are easy to do. Combine them and practice them two or three times a week – in sportswear or even in pajamas, in the morning before heading for the shower. You only need a mat, a pair of dumbbells and choose a place in your house where you have space to move.

1. Squats, for legs and buttocks

At home workouts

From an upright position, bend your knees and hips as if you wanted to sit in an imaginary chair. To make the work more intense you can add dumbbells, or use your own weight by placing your hands behind the back of the neck. Then return to standing position. Take care that the knees do not exceed the line of your ankles so as not to damage the joints.

2. Burpees without jump

burpees to burn calories at home workouts

If you had to choose a single exercise to lose weight, opt for the burpees.

Instructions: Start standing, squat down, then extend your legs backwards to find yourself in a push-up position, jump forward to regroup your legs again, then stand up. Then the exercise can be made more complex by placing the torso on the ground or by performing an extension jump when you get up.

3. Push-ups or Press ups

at home workouts

In position of ventral ulna, support with the tips of the feet and the palm of the hands. Begin to bend your arms until you almost touch the floor with your nose, and return to the starting position by stretching your arms. Watch that the body is straight and parallel to the floor like a board. If you find it difficult, do half the movement, or help yourself by supporting your knees.

4. Crunch

The crunch is a classic. Position yourself on your back, legs bent. Place your hands on your temples. By contracting your abs, raise your chest a few centimeters and then return to the initial position, always keeping your abs under tension. With each repetition, you should feel your abs working.

5. Hip Thrust

gluteal exercise at home workouts

Ideal for building your glutes , the Hip Thrust exercise is easy to do at home. Only material needed: a chair, a bench or a sofa.

Upper back resting on the chair, raise your buttocks to the maximum, contract your glutes for 1 to 2 seconds, then release.

6. The plank

plank at home workouts

Planking is the ideal bodybuilding exercise to lose fat in the belly and tone your arms!

Start face down, with your elbows and forearms under your chest. Form with the body a kind of bridge, supporting you only with the forearms and the toes. Keep your back straight, squeeze your abdomen without raising your hip or letting it lean toward the floor. The exercise is effective if you maintain a straight line from the shoulders to the feet for at least 30 seconds.

7. Standing Calf Raise

at home workout

Start with your back straight and your toes on a step. Raise your heels high until you are “on your toe”, hold the position for a moment then lower your heels, you will a feel a stretch in your calf muscles.

8. Jump rope

at hoe workout

All you need to do this exercise is a jump rope. Thanks to jumping rope, you will work all the muscles in your body, strengthen the bone structure, burn calories, develop reflexes and balance.

9. Dips

at home workout

The dip is known worldwide for building the triceps.

Place your hands flat on the edge of a chair and feet on the floor, then lower your body while bending your arm and then return back to starting position. Continue the movement until your muscle becomes tired.

10. Biceps curl

biceps curl at home workout

Standing with your legs slightly apart, take the dumbbells with your elbows attached to the sides of the body. Then slowly raise and lower the dumbbells until the arms are fully stretched.

Adding weights while performing your home workouts will produce greater results. Resistance training tones and develop your muscles. Follow the links below to checkout and purchase dumbbells that will add a difference to your home workout routine.


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