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benefits of warm water

5 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

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Sundus Mubeen

Sundus Mubeen

Writer and content specialist


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5 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

When we wake up in the morning, most of us love taking a hot cup of coffee or tea. The sad news is that both beverages contain compounds that have their disadvantages, like caffeine. However, we will love to inform you that drinking hot/warm water has many benefits that can do wonders for your health. Let us look at some of them below.

5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water

  • 1. Helps in the digestion

If you are experiencing constipation and indigestion, just a glass or two of hot water can come to your rescue. Hot water breaks down the food in your stomach, making it easier to digest. It also widens the blood vessels in your bowels, thereby preventing constipation.

  • 2. Gives relief during periods and menstrual cramps

Almost every woman is afraid of periods because of the pain that comes along with it. If you are one such woman that suffers from terrible pains and cramps during periods, then you might just try drinking a cup of hot water. One of the benefits of warm water is that it keeps the muscles relaxed. Hot water also prevents painful bloating during menstruation. So, if you do experience period pains and cramps, a glass of hot water might be the remedy that you need.

  • 3. Help with weight loss

You probably might have noticed how drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach helps reduce hunger. Drinking of how water can also help if you are trying to cut down on your food portion and it also reduces cravings. Hot water increases the temperature of your body and, in turn, leads to increased metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate makes the body burn more calories, which is just what your body needs when you are trying to lose weight. But the most important thing when it comes to hot/warm water and weight loss is that it breaks down fat deposits in your body.


  • 4. Great for detoxification

Drinking hot water helps your body to detox as it forms urine and sweat. Apart from helping you detoxify your body, hot water helps with blood circulation and purifies the blood as well. Another benefit is that in return, this act as anti-aging and prevents premature aging.

  • 5. Help with coughs and colds

A glass of hot water can help reduce symptoms related to flu states and cooling syndromes. A cup at good temperature with honey and lemon improves symptoms such as cough, phlegm, mucus build-up, and nasal congestion.

Benefits of drinking warm water with lemon

Water and lemon are one of the best known and appreciated natural remedies that offer several benefits, especially if taken early in the morning. So, to get the maximum benefits, it is recommended to drink water and lemon on an empty stomach and wait a little time (at least 15-20 minutes) before having breakfast, to give time for the remedy to act. 

The mixture of warm water and lemon help the immune system to keep viruses, bacteria, and other pathogenic microorganisms away by strengthening it and carrying out a disinfectant action. Water and lemon allow you to solve a possible halitosis problem, given the refreshing power of lemon. It contributes to the right hydration of the body. It also stimulates metabolism; promoting weight loss (it is, in fact, a natural remedy that is often associated with a diet and physical activity as part of a personalized weight loss plan).

The health benefits of drinking hot water are quite numerous, and you have learned some of them. Kindly pass this information across to your friends and families by using the share buttons below.


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