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8 benefits of cycling

8 benefits of Cycling

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Sundus Mubeen

Sundus Mubeen

Writer and content specialist


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8 benefits of Cycling

Each sport has its own specific benefits, and cycling makes no difference. Knowing what the positive effects of this activity are on our body can convince us that it is worth brushing up the old bicycle and finding time to resume a little exercise on the pedal.

After a few pedaling, there will be no more doubts about the benefits of cycling on our bodies. We already feel that enjoyable tiredness and that satisfactory soreness of the muscles that follow a quality sporting activity. What are the benefits of cycling and why cycling is goodWe list them below.

8 Benefits of Cycling

1) Makes you happier

Cycling lowers stress and decreases depression. Like all sports, cycling stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones that reduce fatigue and pain and have a positive effect on mood. Furthermore, riding a bicycle makes us feel more energetic; it takes away fatigue and stress. Those who practice this activity regularly have a greater chance of looking younger and more toned than those who do not practice it. And in addition, there is contact with nature! (read here 9 daily habits to practice everyday to build mindfulness)

2) Help you to lose weight and stay fit

Cycling is an aerobic sport and, therefore, suitable for those who want to lose weight. The calories burned to depend on how much and how we pedal at a good pace, and we burn about 500 calories per hour. But beware of constancy. Only regular activity and proper nutrition make it possible to lose weight (read here best fat loss workout). When pedaling, it is possible to tone, without getting too big, calves, buttocks, and lumbar muscles of the vertebral column. Moreover, the muscles and bones of the back area engaged in maintaining the correct posture are strengthened. It is also good for those who have back pain. Even the pedaling ensures that the bicycle is also suitable for those who suffer from conditions such as low back pain.

3) Protects the heart

The bicycle is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and avoids their worsening in the elderly. Through the constant activity, the heart muscle becomes stronger and more resistant to fatigue. The regular, low-intensity aerobic activity allows control of blood sugar and cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood (learn how to lower cholesterol). It has proven benefits for the prevention and management of diseases such as hypertension, ischemic cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity. Pedaling gradually strengthens not only the heart but also lung ventilation and numerous muscular areas; in the engaged muscles, it increases vascularization and improves the ability to extract oxygen from the blood and use carbohydrates. Cycling also improves venous and lymphatic circulation in the lower limbs, helping to prevent swelling in the legs.

 4) It does not damage the joints

Unlike other sports such as running, cycling is a low impact sport with the ground; the bicycle preserves the tendons and keeps the joints of the knees, hips, and ankles active. By pedaling, in fact, we do not exert pressure on the joints of the lower limbs; in fact, the rotational movement has a protective effect on their cartilages. Even the spine and knees are not overloaded as in the running, because the weight of the body is entirely unloaded on the bicycle frame. And it peculiarity makes this activity also suitable for those suffering from disorders of the spine (learn 8 benefits of a straight spine), such as low back pain and sciatica.

 5) Decreases fatigue

Cyclists can endure in long and hanging climbs; have more energy despite the fatigue. According to a study by the University of Georgia published in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, cycling at a moderate pace for at least three times a week stimulates the production of dopamine, which raises energy levels by 20% and reduces the feeling of fatigue by 65%.

6) The harmonious development of muscles 

Cycling pedaling allows you to develop all the lower muscle groups (legs, buttocks), the abdominal and lumbar area harmoniously (learn some foods that help You to build lean muscles).

7) Enhance Your Breathing Capacity 

Regular cycling activity increases the efficiency of lung alveoli. Take a look of 10 benefits of deep breathing.

8) Aid for your metabolism 

Like any sporting activity, cycling regularly helps to make your metabolism work well.

(8 benefits of Cycling)


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